Editor is Chelsea Leigh Horne
We are looking for pieces that capture the essence of a place through explorations of location, people, culture, or a distinct something else that feels intrinsic and integral to the world you are describing. Most importantly, we are looking for an informed and perceptive point/observation/commentary about this locale. While this is not meant to be an all-inclusive list, some topics of interest include (alphabetically): arts, culture, economic, environmental, historical, political, and social themes and impressions. 

In short, paint us a portrait and show us where you have traveled by immersing and grounding your reader in the setting and atmosphere. Then tell us why you needed to share and write about it. If something about a place hooked you, there is a good chance it will hook our readership too. For this reason, we highly encourage you to include your original photos (with credits to you) so that they might help frame your piece.

Note: For this section, we are usually more interested in locations outside the United States. However, if you feel that you have a travel piece situated within the U.S. that you believe tells a compelling story, you may still submit to this section.

• Submit only one piece at a time. 
• Each submitted piece should be between 1500 and 3000 words.
• Please follow Ragazine’s general prose formatting guidelines.
• For each included photo, please include a brief 1-2 sentence caption that describes the photo, and if necessary, its relation to your piece.
• We do not accept pieces previously published online or in print.