Ragazine’s creative nonfiction section brings together the kind of writing I like most:  grounded, compelling first-person narration set in a concrete time and place that reflects thematically some way on the human relation to the natural world and the ways we’ve transformed that world, and in the process, transformed ourselves.  Creative nonfiction is an expansive genre that spans narrative history, literary journalism, narrative nonfiction, the personal essay, memoir, and probably many other sub-categories I’m forgetting. The kind of writing I welcome you to submit to Ragazine should focus on the previously mentioned themes in some broad sense — what is the meaning of contemporary lives and, although they might seem to be detached from nature in our highly mediated, technologically-driven world of the hyper-real, how are they nonetheless grounded in that material reality that surrounds, supports, and enables us?

(The preceding guidelines were developed by our first CNF editor, Leslie Heywood. While Leslie’s moved on to take care of other things in her life, she defined very well what we looked for then, and continue to look for now.)

Questions, or if you have problems submitting through SUBMITTABLE: Contact acting CN editor Mike Foldes,

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