There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Ragazine accepts submissions of  poetry, photography, reviews, interviews, art, travel stories, creative nonfiction, memoir, informed political commentary (no rants), current events, dance, entertainment, cartoons & illustrations, Letters to the Editor, and more. SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO EDITOR@RAGAZINE.CC.

 Obviously, we’re eclectic, and naturally, we’re looking for the highest quality work we can find. If you have an idea for a submission, but want some kind of affirmation, send a note with “QUERY” in the subject line to editor@ragazine.cc, to see if this is something that meets the intent.  Carefully read the submission guidelines for each category below before querying or sending any submissions. Submissions that do not comply with guidelines may end up being shot into cyberspace.

* Fiction/Nonfiction/Commentary, Reviews, et al: Double space between paragraphs. Do not indent paragraphs. Best to send using Times New Roman or Calibri, in either Word attachment or in body of email.

* Poetry: We will try as we can to reproduce unusual formatting, but due to some limitations of WordPress, this may pose difficulties.

* Photography & Art Work: Provide titles, medium, size, date, time, place/location, photo credits, and any other information relevant to the work.

* If you do not send one, and if your work is accepted for publication, you will be asked for a short third-person bio and a photograph (optional).